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10 results for EDINBURGH this weekend
Feb 2014
Feb 2203
19th Feb 2014 until 27th Feb 2203
Craft Beer Kitchen Would you like to brew your very own beer and take it away with you in your very own personalised bottles? Well we suggest you read on! Craft Beer Kitchen Here at Stewart Brewin... read more
Jan 2016
Dec 2017
15th Jan 2016 until 31st Dec 2017 Daily, daylight hours
Are you curious about Edinburgh? Looking for an unusual and quirky activity which gets you out in the fresh air whatever the weather? Take one of our self-guided walks with a treasure hunt theme – loo... read more
Mar 2017
Sep 2017
31st Mar 2017 until 3rd Sep 2017 10:00-17:00
Discover how one tomb, excavated in 1857, provides a unique insight into changing burial rituals in ancient Egypt. This exhibition presents the story of one extraordinary tomb, built around 1290BC and... read more
Apr 2017
Sep 2017
18th Apr 2017 until 30th Sep 2017 08:30am
Our one day Loch Ness Tour is a fantastic day out - seeing the best of Scotland in just one day! Our full size coach (with reclining seats, free WiFi, USB charging points and on board toilets) leaves... read more
Apr 2017
Sep 2017
18th Apr 2017 until 30th Sep 2017 08:30am
We offer bespoke packages of private/group tours or chauffeur services with our range of wheelchair accessible vehicles. We can cater from 1 - 8 wheelchairs per vehicle with extra room for seated pas... read more
Jun 2017
Jun 2017
5th Jun 2017 until 26th Jun 2017 1-4pm every Monday in June
Join us for a challenging guided walk to learn about Arthur’s Seat’s turbulent past. Explore 7,000 years of history to find out about the people who lived and worked in the park. Hear about the rare w... read more
Jun 2017
Jun 2017
7th Jun 2017 until 28th Jun 2017 1-2.30pm every Wednesday in June
Come along on a gentle guided walk around Hunter’s Bog and St. Margaret’s Loch where you’ll learn more about Arthur’s Seat’s turbulent past, created by fire and ice.  Discover the  park’s 7,000 years ... read more
Jun 2017
Oct 2017
16th Jun 2017 until 1st Oct 2017 10:00-17:00
Exhibition Gallery 3, Level 1, Grand Gallery. The Galloway Hoard is an unparalleled find of Viking-age gold, silver and jewelled treasures. With over 100 rare and unique items from across Europe a... read more
Jun 2017
Nov 2017
23rd Jun 2017 until 12th Nov 2017 10:00-17:00
The history of the exiled Stuart dynasty and their supporters, known as Jacobites, has held an enduring and romantic fascination for generations, from the writings of Sir Walter Scott to the current O... read more
Jun 2017
Jun 2017
26th Jun 2017 until 29th Jun 2017 13:00 - 17:10
The International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists is one of the most prestigious mental health events in the World. This year's congress comes to Edinburgh with the theme Psychiatr... read more
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