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6 results for EDINBURGH this weekend
Feb 2014
Feb 2203
19th Feb 2014 until 27th Feb 2203
Craft Beer Kitchen Would you like to brew your very own beer and take it away with you in your very own personalised bottles? Well we suggest you read on! Craft Beer Kitchen Here at Stewart Brewin... read more
Jan 2016
Dec 2017
15th Jan 2016 until 31st Dec 2017 Daily, daylight hours
Are you curious about Edinburgh? Looking for an unusual and quirky activity which gets you out in the fresh air whatever the weather? Take one of our self-guided walks with a treasure hunt theme – loo... read more
Jan 2017
Feb 2017
11th Jan 2017 until 4th Feb 2017 10am-6pm
An exhibition exploring the notion of landscape in the abstract. Alastair McNaught's work is produced by manipulating the properties of mixed media; allowing the paintings to form in the same way as g... read more
Jan 2017
21st Jan 2017 10.30am (4hrs)
A series of community-led plays, based around traditional folk drama, featuring the all-star Netherbow Mummers. Celebrate inclusive folk traditions by creating and performing a play in a day, with a f... read more
Jan 2017
21st Jan 2017 2.30pm (1hr 30)
Come with family and friends to dance well-known Scottish dances and sing well-known songs. All the dances will be called and there will be easier circles for the littler ones. A fun introduction to s... read more
Jan 2017
21st Jan 2017 1.30pm (2hrs)
Carols are an important part of Christmas and Yule. But why should we be wassailing in orchards and gardens when the New Year is underway? Jane Lewis explains why, and introduces how to sing wassails ... read more
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