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10 results for EDINBURGH this weekend
Feb 2014
Dec 2015
13th Feb 2014 until 18th Dec 2015 7pm
Whether a self-proclaimed beer geek, or an eager beer novice, Stewart Brewing would love to invite you to one of our brewery tours. If you would like to pick our brewers' brains about the monstrous... read more
Feb 2014
Dec 2015
17th Feb 2014 until 31st Dec 2015 Daylight hours
Have fun discovering Edinburgh with two self-guided, heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt. Find answers to clues and match pictures whilst reading stories about this fabulous city – you’re gu... read more
Feb 2014
Feb 2203
19th Feb 2014 until 27th Feb 2203
Craft Beer Kitchen Would you like to brew your very own beer and take it away with you in your very own personalised bottles? Well we suggest you read on! Craft Beer Kitchen Here at Stewart Brewin... read more
Dec 2014
Apr 2015
5th Dec 2014 until 20th Apr 2015 10:00 - 17:00
Featuring over 100 playable games, Game Masters showcases the work of more than 30 leading videogame designers. The exhibition explores the development of videogames through interviews with game desi... read more
Dec 2014
Apr 2015
12th Dec 2014 until 19th Apr 2015 10:00 - 17:00
Jewellery is a powerful and personal form of expression. Whether the individual is a collector or designer, what they choose to buy, commission or create defines them. Discover more about those wh... read more
Jan 2015
Apr 2015
9th Jan 2015 until 24th Apr 2015 6.30-7.30pm & 8-9pm
Come along to find out more about the history of the Royal Observatory Edinburgh and about what happens here today. Our team will help you find your way around the night sky whatever the weather. When... read more
Jan 2015
Dec 2015
28th Jan 2015 until 30th Dec 2015 Every Weds 1pm
Collective's dedicated team of Gallery Assistants and exhibition staff lead weekly informative tours of the exhibitions. We have a new £5 lunch deal - coffee + a sandwich from MILK cafe and a gallery ... read more
Feb 2015
Apr 2015
14th Feb 2015 until 19th Apr 2015 10am-4pm April 10-5pm
For the first exhibition of Satellites Programme 2015, Georgia Horgan presents a research project about the proliferation of the textile industry in Scotland, and how this affected patterns of witch h... read more
Mar 2015
Dec 2015
7th Mar 2015 until 6th Dec 2015 7am-1pm
2015 UPDATE - Outdoor Car Boot Sale held at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange every Saturday and Sunday. Over 150 spaces available. Open from 7am-1pm. Sellers pitch is £13 for a car and £18 for a van. We ad... read more
Mar 2015
Apr 2015
27th Mar 2015 until 21st Apr 2015 10am - 6pm
Eigg Island is a collaborative exhibition of art, music and poetry inspired by the landscape and story of the island. New visual arts will be presented including a series of large-scale paintings by a... read more
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