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About Dundee

Dundee (Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Dè) is the fourth-largest city in Scotland and the 38th most populous settlement in the United Kingdom. It lies within the eastern central Lowlands on the north bank of the Firth of Tay, which feeds into the North Sea. Look out for Dundee's Christmas Light Night on 23rd November 2012 which sees the whole city centre opening up to become an event arena for one big family street party. There will be performances from local groups and entertainers at outdoor locations and indoor venues. Stroll around and enjoy some of the city's unique talent. The town developed into a burgh in Medieval times, and expanded rapidly in the 19th century largely due to the jute industry. This, along with its other major industries gave Dundee its epithet as the city of "jute, jam and journalism". In mid-2008, the population of the City of Dundee was estimated to be 152,320. Dundee's recorded population reached a peak of 182,204 at the time of the 1971 census, but has since declined. (Improve this description or add photos)

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