Picture yourself in a modern version of a Bedouin tent, being waited on hand and foot by several members of staff, whilst lying back on comfy cushions and luxurious duvets sipping Prosecco, eating tempting tasting menu created by a top chef.

This was our experience at TK Maxx’s recent DuvetDining Experience at Marlins Wynd, Blair Street, Edinburgh. The tasting menu was delicious created by Gizzi Erskine comprising – ‘Clear tomato consommé ‘tea’ with tiny vegetable stars and baby Thai basil’- pharmacy online delicate flavours with beautiful star veg presented in an individual tea pot.

‘Goats mousse baby veg patch’ –

light goats cheese with ultra fresh veg, tasty and crunchy Cherry and cherry blossom meat fruit with charred sourdough – this was delicious ‘cherry’ moulded mousse so light and delicious Korean fried chicken- sticky and spicy!Crispy tuna rice – deliciously light Egg creme brûlée- served in an egg and eggcup -to die for! Golden beetroot and blood orange jelly – certainly different and tangy.

Fabulous fun experience with attention to detail and lots of goodies on offer.