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Rab Noakes With Jill Jackson

Happening 30th Jul 2017 in Perth

About Rab Noakes with Jill Jackson

American roots music - blues, country, old-time, rock'n'roll and folk - has been central to his own work which is also shot through with an acute pop sensibility. Country in particular, has cast a long spell over him from Gene Autry through Gram Parsons to Gillian Welch and he has absorbed and played it all his life. For this special show, Rab is joined by Jill Jackson who herself has been immersed in country music as a performer since her teenage years in the 1980's. They have worked together often and here will perform separately as well as an inventive set together. Expect a few familiar songs, a few surprises and a few country-flavoured originals - all of it celebrating the many splendours and colours of the country music rainbow. 'Rab Noakes has always taken a highly individual approach to song-writing, reflecting his love of Americana, British folk, and pop' The Guardian

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Music / 50s Rock n Roll
30th Jul 2017
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By Paul Finch (231455)


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