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Children's Classic Concerts - Tartan Tales

Happening 27th May 2017 in Perth

About Children's Classic Concerts - Tartan Tales

Children’s Classic Concerts presents ‘Tartan Tales’ Join the clans of the Children’s Classic Concerts mighty mini-orchestra for a musical journey through the swirling mists of Scottish storytelling. CCC’s irrepressible hosts, Owen and Olly, will be your musical guides as they take you galloping on Tam O’Shanter’s horse, through the stormy waters of Fingal’s Cave, all the way to the battlefields of Braveheart – you might even be lucky enough to spot Nessie along the way! Children’s Classic Concerts introduce classical music to 4 – 12-year-olds in a jam-packed hour of musical storytelling, well-loved tunes and lots of participation!

Essential information

Children's Events / Music
£6 - £10
27th May 2017

Event contact information

Perth Concert Hall Box Office
Tel: 01738 621031
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By Penny Wither (2600)


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