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Hot Hatch Car Trackday & Four Flags Car Show

Knockhill Racing 2017 Happening 15th Oct 2017 in Dunfermline

About Hot Hatch Car Trackday & Four Flags Car Show

We begin the countdown to the winter break with our Hot Hatch Trackday and Four Flags Car Show on Sunday 15th October. Along with the Hot Hatch track action, clubs from all over Scotland have entered the open Show’n’Shine competition, there are also special dedicated trophies for cars representing the four countries of France, Italy, Germany, and Japan. This show is sure to bring out the best of modified and show cars in Scotland for one last event in 2016. On the track there is an action packed day of Hot Hatch track time, two special drift demonstrations featuring drivers from the Scottish Drift Championship and a public Drag Racing competition. So before the bad weather sets in and the winter descends on the hill, why not get out for one more show?! What an epic way to round off the great season of Hot Hatch and Show Car Events we have enjoyed at Knockhill in 2017. Fancy taking to the track yourself? Newcomers are always welcome and full instruction and safety briefings will be issued on the day. Come along and get on track.

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Sport & Leisure / Motor Sport
15th Oct 2017

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Tel: 01383 723337
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Knockhill Racing Circuit
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Phone: 01383 723337

By Paul Finch (231455)


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