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Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company Presents Inter_rupted

Happening 20th Oct 2017 until 21st Oct 2017 in Glasgow

About Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company presents Inter_rupted

“Wonderful excursions into the heart of rhythm, the energies of light, the ambience of space, the structures of movement and the power of stillness.” The Herald “Her artistry and poise, her dramatic gifts and unshakeable technique are truly astounding: dance as effortlessly compelling as this is a joy to watch in itself but underpinned by the questioning intelligence of Mangaldas, it becomes something transformative.” Limelight Magazine The celebrated Indian dance-maker Aditi Mangaldas brings her high-octane creation Inter_rupted, infusing the ancient art form Kathak with 21st-century sound, rhythm and light to the UK this autumn. Eight dancers including Mangaldas are joined by a group of musicians on stage for a startlingly rich and intricate piece that emerges from the depths of the body, exploring its fragility, disintegration and renewal. Considered a maverick in her country, the choreographer has consistently broken ground with her visionary merging of classic and contemporary Indian dance styles. Unafraid to confront social and present-day concerns, her eloquent and dynamic work is characterised by percussive footwork, narrative gestures and dizzying spins. On Inter_rupted, she collaborates with Fabiana Piccioli, much admired for her striking lighting designs and winner of the Knight of Illumination Award. The mesmeric music is composed by Sajid Akbar and performed live on stage.

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Dance / Dance
20th Oct 2017 until 21st Oct 2017

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Tel: / 0845 330 3501
Tel: / 0845 330 3501
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By Paul Finch (231455)


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