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The Jensen Interceptors, Neil Warden & Smitten

Happening 21st Apr 2017 in Edinburgh City Centre

About The Jensen Interceptors, Neil Warden & Smitten

The Jensen Interceptors are one of the most authentic and exciting Blues bands to hit the UK scene in recent years. Playing in the classic blues style, fronted by harmonica ace Gary Martin, the band tear through a mix of covers by the likes of Slim Harpo/ Little Walter/ T’Bone Walker and Muddy Waters as well as their own originals which are all delivered with the authentic Jensen spin.Regular sold-out gigs and triumphant festival shows, as well as a prestigious support to Mud Morganfield at the 2013 Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival have established The Jensen Interceptors as a top attraction on the Scottish live music circuit and cemented their reputation as a band really playing at the top of their game. The debut CD ‘File Under Blues’ received highly favourable reviews and considerable international airplay.However….don’t just take our word for it…here are a few tributes from others… “Gary Martin has the best harmonica tone in Britain and could certainly give our American neighbours a run for their money as well.”Tim Elliott (Blues ‘n’ Trouble)”Gary Martin displayed a real understanding of the music he was performing, adding his personal style to the band’s interpretation without detracting from the purist style they appeared to be aiming for” The Scotsman “The Jensen Interceptors play as a band. Tight, energetic, enthusiastic…” “This is Blues with a touch of Swing, a bit of Jazz and a lot of soul…” “These guys are good…really good!! They were at their very best with their heads down going for it: a wall of sound that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up” The Toun Cryer Special Guests - Smitten Smitten are a minimalist smoky duo based in Edinburgh. Performing original songs written by vocalist Nicole Smit and arranged by guitarist and percussionist Charlie Wild, they released their debut EP Lonestar in July 2016. Neil Warden/Gary Martin Trio Neil Warden is based in Edinburgh, Scotland has been playing and recording guitar for over 40 years. He has performed live at festival and theatre venues and composed music for film and video within a wide cross section of genres. He has performed with: Tam White, Boz Burrell, Peter Straker, Camille O'Sullivan, Maggie Bell, Brian Kellock, Dave Heath, John Burgess, Stevey Hay's Shades Of Blue and more. Neil recently released his new EP Adventures In Weissenborn Land. From roots blues to harmonica-infused Paris Texas soundscapes and Eastern improvisations, Neil takes you on a journey on the Weissenborn lap steel guitar. Neil will be joined by harmonica ace Gary Martin and percussionist Jim Walker who have both previously performed at the Edinburgh Blues Club as members of The Jensen Interceptors.

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Music / Blues Concert
21st Apr 2017

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Duncan Beattie
Duncan Beattie
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The Voodoo Rooms
19a West Register St
Phone: 0131 556 7060

By Duncan Beattie (1410)


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