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Ley Lines - Kate Scardifield

Happening 2nd Dec 2017 until 3rd Mar 2018 in St. Andrews

About Ley Lines - Kate Scardifield

Unearthing social and historical gems from six local museum collections and archives across Scotland, Sydney based artist Kate Scardifield explores and reframes Scottish and Australian connections. Presenting and creating art in a new context, her upcoming exhibition Ley Lines takes the work of Scottish Astronomer and Governor of New South Wales Thomas Brisbane as her starting point. Brisbane was one of the first to map the constellations of the southern hemisphere and in Ley Lines Kate Scardifield creates and connects new constellations. These new works include textiles, sculpture and video, made in response to Brisbane’s collected astronomical equipment and selected objects and fragments held within six of Scotland’s local collections. Ley Lines opens courtesy of Fife Contemporary at St Andrews Museum in St Andrews on 2 December 2017 before touring to venues in Hawick and Falkirk throughout 2018 and 2019. Curated by Panel in partnership with Heriot Watt University; Live Borders; Fife Contemporary; Co Create (Maggie Broadley); Falkirk Community Trust and supported in kind by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) Sydney, Ley Lines presents a major new commission by Australian artist Kate Scardifield in Scotland. Ley Lines is kindly supported through Creative Scotland’s Open Fund.

Essential information

Arts & Craft / Visual arts
2nd Dec 2017 until 3rd Mar 2018
10.30-1600, Wednesday to Saturday

Event contact information

Susan Davis
Fife Contemporary
Town Hall, Queen's Gardens
KY16 9TA
Tel: 01334 474610
Fax: 01334 479880
St Andrews Museum
Kinburn Park
Doubledykes Road
KY16 9DP
Phone: 01334 659380

By Susan Davis (240)


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