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Great Tapestry Of Scotland Returns To Verdant Works, Dund...

Happening 26th Aug 2017 until 22nd Oct 2017 in Dundee

About Great Tapestry of Scotland returns to Verdant Works, Dundee

This new display will exhibit 82 beautifully detailed panels depicting important historical events such as the Vikings' invasion of Scotland, the massacre at Glencoe, the first Edinburgh Festival, the miners' strike in the 1980s and the founding of Scottish Rugby with the first Scotland v England rugby match. Verdant Works will also be redisplaying seven of the most popular panels from last year including the two sections highlighting the history of the city, ‘The Discovery Sails from Dundee' and ‘Dundee: Jute, Journalism' - both stitched by local volunteers. Generous sponsorship from Dundee solicitors Blackadders LLP and The Alexander Moncur Trust has enabled Dundee Heritage Trust, which operates Verdant Works, to initiate this unique opportunity for visitors to see the other half of this stunning exhibition.

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Arts & Craft / Art & Craft workshop
Included in admissio to Verdant Works
26th Aug 2017 until 22nd Oct 2017
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Verdant Works
West Henderson's Street
Phone: 01382 225282

By Paul Finch (231455)


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