Hot Hatch Trackday & Britain’s Best Hot Hatch of all time

Sunday 18th August, 2019

Autocar Magazine have recently listed their top 30 list of “Britain’s Best Hot Hatch cars of all time” – see the full list below.  Included are the Williams Clio, Peugeot 205, Golf GTi, Focus RS , Civic Type R and many others that changed the world of motoring over recent decades and continue to do so.

Do you agree with their choices? Did you own a Hot Hatch when you were younger? Do you have one as your weekend pride and joy? Well we are reaching out to all the car clubs and owners who have a car that features on the Autocar list to put their car on show.  In addition, you may not agree with the chosen 30 cars and have your own thoughts as to your favourite Hot Hatch of all time. If so, you too can take part in the new and exciting gathering of everything that was and is great about these cars.

Based at a Hot Hatch Track Day, we will host a car show  in paddock with a very special twist and stir motoring memories with a gathering of cars and lunch break parade of the iconic 30 cars. But we need your help – if you have one of these cars or know of someone who has, get them to get in touch with us to be part of this special gathering.