Entrepreneurial Masterclass with Mary Ballantyne @ Lecture Theatre, School of Nursing and Health Sciences
Nov 7 @ 12:00 pm – Nov 8 @ 1:00 pm
Entrepreneurial Masterclass with Mary Ballantyne @ Lecture Theatre, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

The Centre of Entrepreneurship host Entrepreneurial Masterclasses which offer advanced insights into the career journey of successful entrepreneurs, and also knowledge of a cutting-edge area which they have become experts in, followed by a Q&A session. The talks are open to students, staff and general public.

This Masterclass will be hosted by Mary Ballantyne. Mary was born in Holytown, Scotland in 1961. She recently retired as Vice President of Site Operations for a leading global Life Sciences business and is now enjoying Consulting with businesses on growth and business improvement strategies as well as supporting start up business and mentoring/coaching their founders and directors.

All this following a successful career as a Registered Nurse. Like many nurses before her, pursuing a nursing career came first. Specialising in Nursing within the critical care areas of Operating Theatres, A/E and ICU (unscheduled care) with the addition of academic qualifications and experience consolidating this. Academic lecturing and leading academic modules/programme experience were to follow a little later in life.

In the USA, she was part of a successful ground-breaking team developing new technologies and surgical techniques with the introduction of Laparoscopic ‘key hole’ surgery to the UK in the late 1980’s early 1990s. This work is being showcased in Dundee Science Centre currently as part of the medical Marvels exhibition.

The life sciences sector was the next challenge really allowing Mary’s entrepreneurial flair to flourish. Joining a failing business in need of structure and process as well as requiring the build of a resilient team who would push the limits of science (by developing a global reputation in Toxicology) and business. Mary then went on to finally join 4 other businesses which were acquired for a value more than £160million.

Nurses are entrepreneurs who see a “need” for something every minute of every day. They find new ways to solve problems and can create value. They methodically analyze and put their patients first and to the center of everything they do.